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Theresa May calls on Greek expats to stay in the UK

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has voiced her gratitude to the tens of thousands of Greeks who have chosen Britain as their new home, asking them to remain in her country even after its exit from the European Union. She also said the rights of all EU citizens are among her prime concerns in the so-called “Brexit” negotiations with Brussels. In an interview with Greek daily Ta Nea published on Friday, the British premier thanked the 70,000 Greeks who have moved to the UK, saying “we appreciate their significant contribution in our culture and society, in our universities and economy.” She acknowledged the problems created by last year’s referendum vote in favor of a British secession from the EU, saying “the referendum has caused some uncertainty and this is why we have rendered the issue of citizen rights a top priority in negotiations.” May stressed that she wants readers to know that Britain wants all Greek citizens who have set up home there to remain in the country, just like all EU citizens. “This is one of my prime targets, to ensure they will be able to live just like before,” she said. After exalting the long and deep cultural and trade relations between the two countries, May lent support to Greek tourism, noting that “Greece with its rich history and beautiful coastline will always be a popular destination for millions of British tourists.”