About CFG


CFGreece is a member-led organisation that promotes the values and ideals of the Conservative Party across the UK and works to strengthen the bond between the Conservative Party and the Hellenic Republic.

We organise numerous events in and around Westminster, take Conservative parliamentarians and candidates on delegations to Greece, campaign hard for Tory candidates in target seats, and work to ensure that Greece’s case is fairly represented in Parliament.

Greeks in the UK

It is estimated that the Greek population of London numbered several thousand by 1870, whereas in 1850 it numbered just a few hundred. Recent estimates suggest that up to 300,000 ethnic Greeks may reside in the UK. The Office for National Statistics estimates that, as of 2009, the Greek-born population of the UK was 290,000.

A considerable number of Greek students study in the UK. According to the official UK Higher Education Statistics Agency statistics, 16,050 Greek students attended UK universities in 2006/07, making Greece the fourth most common country of origin amongst overseas students in 2006/07, after China, India and the Republic of Ireland.

According to a City of London Corporation sponsored report, there are between 280,600 and 300,000 Greek speakers in Greater London.

Representing Greeks in the UK

CFGreece has one aim. To get British MP’s behind Greeks here in the UK, and make sure our voices are heard in Parliament.