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Nusrat Ghani MP & Maritime Minister visits Greece

Nusrat Ghani MP and Maritime Minister for the UK visited the Posidonia Conference in Greece, to highlight the strong UK-Greek ties in shipping that spans over a long history- and one that represents a strong relationship. Mrs. Ghani echoed the past, present and future relationship we hold together in the maritime industry, and that there is no grater example of a better relationship in this industry other than our two nations. Continuing from this, Mrs. Ghani expressed how looking into the future she wishes to see the relationship prosper even more, even beyond the Brexit horizon. Continuing from this, she expressed that even in the face of competition globally, London remains a maritime destination for Greek companies looking for solutions in insurance, legal services, accounting and shipbroking. From this, she echoed the need for an even greater Greek shipping presence in the UK. Finishing her speech at the Greek residence in Athens, the MP mentioned how Brexit offered the opportunity to prepare the industry for being a leader in the maritime sector of the future. A positive energy, along with working alongside essential partners such as the Greek shipping sector, will help deliver even greater prospects that will allow both nations to face the challenges of tomorrow.