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CF Greece celebrates first party conference reception

The Conservative Friends of Greece group having formally launched earlier in the year, has held it’s first formal event at this years Conservative party conference. The event was hosted by Stephanos Ioannou Chairman of the organisation, with special guest: The Rt. Hon. David Lidington MP and Leader of the House of Commons, as well as Alberto Costa MP, David Burrowes MP, and Andrew Boff GLA member of the London Assembly.

Stephanos Ioannou opened the event by stating that “Now was the time to set up such a group” saying that “Even though the UK has voted to leave the European Union, we have not voted to fail our friendships with individual European nations including Greeks that make up approximately 300,000 here in the UK”. Adding to this mentioned “We are the only political party here in the UK who is reaching out to the Greek community. And with that, can say we are on your side.”

The Rt. Hon. David Lidington, Leader of the House of Commons also said “Today, Britain and Greece are allies in NATO and work together against terrorism and organised crime. The international shipping industry is another important interest that we have in common and Greek expats, entrepreneurs and business people provide jobs and prosperity in London and other British cities.”

Alberto Costa MP Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Greece Parliamentary group also stated that “We stand in solidarity with the Greek people through these difficult times they face. All of us can do our bit to help Greece, whether through buying their products or taking a holiday to an island” and finally stating “I look forward to Chairing the Parliamentary group for CF Greece, and working to strengthen our nations bond.”

Andrew Boff GLA member also added “London, the capital of world multiculturalism, thanks the Greek community for all their contribution over the years” adding “With over 100 Greek churches, and the vast spread of Greek schools across the UK, it’s fair to say the Greek presence is strong.”

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