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Alberto Costa MP: Turkish activity in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean

The Rt. Hon Dominic Raab MP
Foreign & Commonwealth office

Dear Dominic,

Turkish activity in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean

I am writing to you in further to a letter I co-signed in last Monday’s edition of The Times which concerned President Erdogan’s rhetoric and threat toward Greek and Cypriot energy interests in the titular area.

The letter in question, a copy of which I have enclosed for your reference, was co-signed by a number of prominent experts in this field – notably John Kittmer, former British Ambassador to Greece, Kevin Featherstone, Professor of Contemporary Greek Studies at the London School of

Economics and Lord Wallace of Saltaire – whom have expressed their deep concern at Turkey’s actions and their refusal to follow the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which enshrines Greece’s claim for territorial waters surrounding their islands.

As you will be aware, Turkey’s unwillingness to abide by legal requirements in the resolution of disputes over territory and resources are only serving to bring about considerable tension in the region which many fear may soon lead to conflict.

In order to avoid any destabilisation of the peace in this region, I should be grateful if the Government could please restate their support for Greece and Cyprus, both of whom are upholding the multilateral rules in place, and kindly press upon the Turkish Government to cease their belligerent activities in the area in order to de-escalate tensions accordingly.

My sincere thanks in advance for your assistance on this important matter.

Yours sincerely,

Alberto Costa MP

Member of Parliament for South Leicestershire

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