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PM call with Prime Minister of Greece: 20 October 2020

This morning the Prime Minister spoke to Prime Minster Mitsotakis of Greece.

They discussed their countries’ respective efforts to fight coronavirus and agreed to work together to ensure a sustainable global recovery, including through the development of a vaccine.

The Prime Minister updated Prime Minister Mitsotakis on the UK’s negotiations with the EU. He reaffirmed that the EU have effectively ended those negotiations by stating they did not want to change their negotiating position. Should the EU fundamentally change their position, then the UK would be willing to talk on that new basis.

The two leaders discussed the recent tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Prime Minister stressed the need for dialogue and welcomed the public commitment from Greece to resolve differences with Turkey diplomatically. He confirmed the UK would continue to work with both sides to de-escalate the situation.

The Prime Minister and Prime Minister Mitsotakis also reflected on the outcome of the recent Turkish Cypriot elections. The Prime Minister was clear that a settlement in Cyprus was in everyone’s interest.

Finally, the leaders resolved to continue to work together to enhance the UK-Greece relationship, particularly ahead of Greece’s bicentenary in 2021.

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