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Conservative Friends of Greece Delegation to the US

Conservative Friends of Greece Deputy Chairman George Hadjipavlis attended the US for a series of meetings with Senior Greek officials, including Congressman Gus Bilirakis – Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Hellenic Affairs and Congressional Hellenic- Israel Alliance. The trip aimed to increase the trilateral relations between the U.K, U.S and Israel that all share a common set of values and who’s relations could never be greater.

A main topic of discussion was the ongoing provocations by Turkey towards Greece and it’s territorial waters, that are set in stone by the Lussane Treaty. We agree that this is a violation of international law, and that Turkey should begin respecting it’s borders and not seek to increase tensions. In light of this CFGreece and Congressman Bilirakis released the following statement:

“The latest acts of brazen provocation by the Turkish government near Greece’s Imia islets represent a continuation of government-sanctioned intimidation and coercion which has a long, tired history of failure. These flagrant violations of international law do nothing to advance regional interests and provide for stability and prosperity. As we have done times before, we must continue to condemn these acts of aggression and renew our call for President Erdogan’s government to demonstrate to the international community that it is a reliable and responsible partner committed and accountable to all international laws and agreements.”

Other schedules during the U.S trip included a meeting with the  Deputy Chief of Mission of the Greek Embassy in Washington D.C.