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STAR GREECE Interview 15/04/2017: Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 00.33.02.png The timing of the interview was surrounding an article by the British newspaper The Guardian, that the Parthenon Marbles could form a basis for the Greeks to veto Brexit talks. I explained that although this could very well be the case, indeed the European Union will be the ones advocating such a stance. Under Article 50 of the European Union the Union has a right to protect existing members cultural heritage, and with that have no choice but to assist the Greeks on the possible request should it happen. It’s worth remembering 500,000 Greeks now reside in the U.K, a significant increase from 2005, and the relationship between the two nations stretches deep in-time. In terms of students in both University systems, Greek and UK business in other countries, and as NATO allies, I am confident this wont be the most fuming issue that will be of Brexit talks and subsequent negotiations.

TVP INFO Interview 25/05/2016:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 15.12.37.png Midwives and manufacturers, lawyers and labourers, farmers and phone companies, unions and universities – they’ve spoken with one voice, proving the strength of feeling about Britain staying in Europe. I don’t speak out of any love for Brussels – just a deep-hearted love for Britain. When I look at the EU I see 500 million people we can trade with and a network of countries we can combat crime with. In times of economic uncertainty, when the threat of terrorism is so grave, I know we need those things more than ever. And in an age when democracy, equality and human rights are no longer assured, the EU has become an even more powerful means of standing alongside those who share our fundamental values. Remember Britain has the best of both worlds – a special status in the EU. We are part of the Single Market but keep our own currency. We can trade and travel but have kept our own borders. While the Leave plan is left blank, we’re clear what we’re fighting for. We’re fighting for jobs. Three million people’s livelihoods are linked to trade with Europe, countless more indirectly. Indeed, every single job depends on a strong economy, which, in turn, depends on our membership of the EU. Last week the Governor of the Bank of England said we may suffer a new recession if we left. We know all too well who’s hit hardest in a ­recession – the poorest and most vulnerable.

ANT 1 Interview 22/05/2016:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.43.32.png A day before the historic referndum on the UK’s  membership of the EU I was interviewed on Greek TV by ANT 1, to give my view on the issue. I made it clear that as our closest neighbour, we must continue to remain a member of the European Union because when we leave, there is no going back…. The door will be shut for good. What’s more, 45 percent of our trade is done with the EU. An exit therefore puts our existing trade agreements at risk, and with that jobs, and crucially investment. If we want to create more jobs, better-paid jobs and higher-quality jobs, and if we want to keep protecting the rights of British workers, there is no road to the future that does not go through Europe. But the vote tomorrow is about more than that.  It is a momentous, generation-defining decision about what kind of country we are and what kind of future we offer our children. Britain should be leading in Europe, not leaving it.
TRT World Service interview 20/9/2015: Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 15.07.10.png The interview came the day when the Greeks went to the ballot boxes again for the second time in one year, to vote for a new government. The Syriza party of Alexis Tsipras won for the second time, and I gave my reaction. To watch the full interview, please click on this link.

BBC Victoria Derbyshire interview 6/7/2015:

IMG_6045 copy I was invited to be part of the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC 2. It came at a time when the country I love and feel passionate about, had voted NO “OXI”, to creditors proposals for a new bailout. I expressed how I believed this was the wrong decision to make, and that in all its victory, it will harm the future generations to come for Greece. I myself was YES “NAI”, and remain so. Stability and prosperity are what nations need… and, I believe that by Greece being part of the Euro, we “WILL” find this. Democracy has taken place and we accept the result, but sadly the real pain is yet to come, along with the European hostility in future negotiations. ‪#‎NAISTINELLADA‬ ‪#‎NAISTOEURO‬
BBC Victoria Derbyshire interview 21/8/2015: Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 00.56.23 Many thanks to the Victoria Derbyshire program that asked me to attend the studio, to discuss with others, the “What happens next question” facing Greece as the country has snap elections. Comes at a time when the country I, like many others love, faces political and economical uncertainty that without a doubt has ruined generations to come. Say the truth and nothing but the truth. Be different, and never say just what your mind has to say…. Say what the heart says when it come down to your country. God bless Greece, and pray that one day we will move on from this catastrophe that the Syriza amateur government has brought upon us. The clip below for part of the full interview, can be seen via this link “Despite the economic and political uncertainty that Greece faces, it still remains one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we should not forget that because its not all bad.”- At the end of the interview, my final words!

BBC Victoria Derbyshire interview for 7/10/2015:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 15.11.32 On the 7th of October 2015 I was invited by the Victoria Derbyshire program to talk about the Conservative Party conference taking place at that time. The clip above on the image can be seen via this link Or for a more detailed take on the interview, please look at the questions and answers below. I was asked about the: 1)The general atmosphere at conference. 2)What I thought on the Chancellors speech. 3)What I thought about Theresa Mays speech. 1) In regards to the atmosphere at conference, I mentioned how although there was a sense of “Comfort” within everyone that we now have a majority government, there was no room for complacency and for loosing pace on urgent reform that needed to be done. I also raised the speeches of the Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary, for which I praised for being both “Reassuring” and “True to our values of being Conservatives”. 2) I expressed how the Chancellors speech was a “Pillar of stability” for the north, and that it was about time the regions up north received some investment for which so long under previous governments they were deprived of. The idea of the Northern Powerhouse I also welcomed, as not only does it help to boost popularity for the region, but it encourages investment by businesses and hopefully may help to reduce unemployment. Generally I also mentioned how it was reassuring not only for areas like Manchester, but for the whole of England, that the government is looking to spread the opportunity and wealth throughout cities across England, and trying to provide a solution to the North and South investment inequality. 3) On the question for Theresa Mays speech, I had a mixed answer. I expressed my frustration that the speech “Did not go deep enough on immigration”. Having set targets, and by missing those targets, we are accountable to the electorate that gave us there vote and we must now act to set about achieving them once and for all. The “In/ Out Referendum” was not really touched upon. Finally I mentioned that the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis should come to the British government more than ever, and that either we must help financially through humanitarian aid, or other means.