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CFG backing David Burrowes for Enfield Southgate

The Enfield Southgate Conservative Association selected former MP David Burrowes as their Parliamentary Candidate for the next General Election. 

At his selection meeting David talked about the need to reassert our Conservative values:

“It is the value of opportunity to thrive from whatever background or place you have come from. It is the value of responsibility which comes not from the amount we pay in tax and grow the state, but by the amount of freedom to live our own lives caring for our family friends and neighbours. It is the value of our country which as Churchill said is not owned by the government but by the people. Its positive values of aspiration and compassion reaching to the head and heart to vote Conservative. 

“These values are at stake and what drove me into politics 30 years ago against a militant Marxist student Union, which hated everything we stand for, and sought to infect public discourse with a ‘warrior’ or ‘traitor’ tribal politics.The biggest threat to our country is not a bad Brexit but a bad Marxist – Corbyn and his red book warrior McDonnell. 

“So I am back again ready for the fight. Not just a fight for a seat back in Parliament but a fight for our values and I believe the common decent values of the British people.”

After being selected David said: “ I am delighted to be re-selected as the Parliamentary Candidate for Enfield Southgate. I have lived in Enfield Southgate all my life with my family, and after my 12 years as MP I still have a continued love and commitment to serve and represent its best interests. I believe that I can provide Enfield Southgate a stronger and independent local voice in Parliament. It will be a tough challenge but I look forward to the campaign which begins now.”

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