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CFG backing Alberto Costa for South Leicestershire

CFG are backing Alberto Costa for South Leicestershire.

Having been re-selected as the Conservative candidate for South Leicestershire for the British General Election.

During his years as MP, Alberto has worked hard to raise local issues in Parliament, ensuring that South Leicestershire had a strong and representative voice in Westminster.  Often holding meetings with Ministers or held debates in Parliament on issues affecting constituents including raising the proposed development of a new prison at Glen Parva to a debate in the House of Commons about Magna Park.

Particularly, Alberto was the first South Leicestershire MP to open a dedicated Parliamentary Office in the heart of the Constituency. The office helped hundreds of individual constituents, families, local schools, businesses and charities. It served as a focal point for the constituents of South Leicestershire and ensured strong democratic ties between local people and Parliament. Alberto pledges that, if re-elected, he will re-open the Parliamentary Office to once again offer the local community a range of Parliamentary assistance.

If re-elected, Alberto will continue to work hard for the people of South Leicestershire, raise local issues at the highest levels of Government and prioritise the concerns of constituents in order to ensure that their voices are heard and their views taken into account when government decisions are being made.

A vote for Alberto will ensure that your voice is heard, help the local South Leicestershire community and strengthen the United Kingdom as we exit from the EU.